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About Pickup.ph - Our Founder's Story

Pickup.ph is a merchant-first solution built by retailers for retailers to solve key problems we experienced first hand.

Pickup PH

We're a tool for connecting customers to your online store, managing menus, upcoming orders, payments, deliveries and analytics — without marketplace commissions

Our Story

In 2020, Ingga Chua and Thomas Woudwyk, found a common pain point while running their pizza store during a pandemic; they were too busy managing the operations of their business, when all of a sudden customers shifted overnight from walk-in ordering to online ordering. Instantly, customers were placing orders via Phone, Google, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Whatsapp and the team had to manually take all of these orders, hail delivery riders individually and it all became impossible to manage.

That was when Pickup was born; Thomas designed Pickup to take what is otherwise complicated and inaccessible like online ordering, payments, order management and delivery, but make it simple and accessible to everyone. We believe that in this post-pandemic era, being online and able to accept commission-free direct orders from customers will be a basic necessity, just like having a business Facebook page is today.

Our beliefs

100% Merchant Focused

You could say we are merchant-obsessed; we want to be the heroes of the industry, by focusing on the folks who need us the most.

Relentless Problem Solvers

We are a team of big dreamers and hard-working doers; questioning status quo's, design thinking and building epic solutions is kinda our thing!

Meaningful Impact

Talk is cheap, but the proof is in the numbers; we measure and showcase the positive impact we are making in the industry.

We love disruption

Our team is at home being comfortable with discomfort; disruption happens when you are running towards the fire with a very big firehose.

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